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Senior Executive Committee

The Senior Executive Committee (SEC) is comprised of Directors, Deans, the Registrar, the Vice Presidents and the President. SEC meets regularly to discuss progress on the Strategic Plan Action Plan, manages College operations including budget development and oversight, provides general updates, considers policy questions, and debates significant change proposals. Each member is responsible for representing his/her area of responsibility and for reporting back to their team on SEC decisions as well as seeking input on items for consultation.

The following are members of SEC.

Dr. Karen Barnes
President & Vice Chancellor
Administrative Services Division
President's Office
Whitehorse: Ayamdigut Campus
t 867-668-8704

Deborah Bartlette, Ed.D
Vice President Academic and Student Services
Administrative Services Division
Whitehorse: Ayamdigut Campus
t 867-668-8715

Michael Hale
Chief Administrative Officer
Administrative Services Division
Whitehorse: Ayamdigut Campus
t 867-668-8702

Colleen Wirth
Director, Student Infrastructure Support
Student & Infrastructure Support
Whitehorse: Ayamdigut Campus
t 867-668-8721

Brian Bonia, B Comm, CPHR
Human Resources
Whitehorse: Ayamdigut Campus
t 867-668-8787

Tosh Southwick
Director of First Nation Initiatives and Academic and Skill Development
First Nations Initiatives
School of Academic and Skill Development
Whitehorse: Ayamdigut Campus
t 867-456-8673

Jacqueline Bedard, MET
Executive Director, External and Government Relations
College and External Relations
Whitehorse: Ayamdigut Campus
t 867-668-8806

Dr. Andrew Richardson
Applied Arts Division
Whitehorse: Ayamdigut Campus
t 867-668-8782

Shelagh Rowles, M.Ed.
Executive Director, Centre for Northern Innovation in Mining
Centre for Northern Innovation in Mining
Whitehorse: Ayamdigut Campus
t 867-668-8741

Clint Sawicki, MPA
Vice President Research
Yukon Research Centre
Whitehorse: Ayamdigut Campus
t 867-668-8772

Stephen Mooney, M.Sc., P. Eng.
Director, Cold Climate Innovation
Yukon Research Centre
Whitehorse: Ayamdigut Campus
t 867-456-8670
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Jennifer Moorlag, B.A, M.Ed
Office of the Registrar
School of Business and Leadership
Whitehorse: Ayamdigut Campus
t 867-668-8712

Margaret Dumkee, B.Comm, M.Ad.Ed.
Dean, Applied Science & Management
Applied Science and Management Division
Whitehorse: Ayamdigut Campus
t 867-668-8700

Jonathan Baynes
Executive Director, IT & Learning Commons
IT & Learning Commons
Whitehorse: Ayamdigut Campus
t 867-668-8888

Lacia Kinnear, MES
Director of Strategic Growth and Innovation
Administrative Services Division
Whitehorse: Ayamdigut Campus
t 867-456-6987