Moving forward, communication regarding the university transition project can be found on these web pages, in media releases, and at public presentations, as a start.


While working with Yukon Government on reaching each milestone, several elements have been determined as critical to successful implementation. They include:


A timeline for transition isn’t yet available. It will be set by Yukon Government with the introduction of new legislation. However this isn't an overnight process. It will take some time to prepare, but we anticipate the official launch to take place sometime within the next five years.

Below are some of the contributing milestones and years in which they'll be undertaken and completed on our journey to become Yukon University.

2015 Land use plan
2015-2016 Program and services review, university transition budget, and YC socio- economic impact study
2016-2017 Development of external quality assurance (QA) process (YG), submission to external QA Board, and development of a variety of integrated operational plans
2017-2018 Launch of Climate Change and Public Policy post-graduate certificate and Bachelor of Arts in Indigenous Governance
2017-2018  Launch of Bachelor of Business Administration, development of rebranding plan
Date TBD Implentation of brand across all campuses,  implementation of the new legislation


Do you have a question regarding this transition that our site doesn't answer? Please contact Jacqueline Bedard, Director, College Relations or Lacia Kinnear, Director, Strategic Growth and Innovation.