Instructor Coaching

The Teaching and Learning team supports Yukon College instructors as they work to create excellent learning experiences for Yukon College students. We offer resources, guidance, and feedback to address specific goals or challenges related to teaching, learning, and the use of educational technology.  Our responsive model of support includes one-on-one coaching, targeted training, facilitated communities of practice, and will continue to evolve to meet the emerging needs of the Yukon College community.

Course Design 

Are you developing a new course, or re-designing an existing course?  If so, the Teaching and Learning team invites you to join a course design cohort.  Cohorts bring together groups of instructors to work together over the duration of a term to (re)design courses using evidence-based best practices.  Weekly working sessions include step-wise guidance through the process of backwards course design, as well as opportunities for collaboration and feedback. Contact us for more information.

We also offer individual coaching and guidance on course design for instructors taking on smaller design projects, or who are unable to participate in cohort meetings

Online Course Delivery

In order to offer flexibility to our students, more and more Yukon College instructors are moving courses online, or creating "blended" courses that combine face-to-face and online components.  For instructors making this transition, we encourage you to consider joining a Course Design cohort (see above), or contact us to schedule a one-on-one coaching session.  

We also provide training support for the college's key technologies for online course delivery, including Moodle, Softchalk, Panopto, and Fuze.

  • Check our training page for information on upcoming support sessions for Moodle, Fuze, and MyYC.
  • Check our knowledgebase for training resources and answers to common questions.
  • Contact us if you're interested in exploring more about these options.