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Enrolment Management Advisor
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Financial Awards

Students are at the heart of Yukon College and are an integral part of Yukon’s future. Our Financial Awards program can help you reach your educational goals. Yukon College and our generous donors understand the value of an education, so we supply a variety of awards to help you support your educational and living costs.

Awards can be based on academic or personal achievement, or financial need, along with other specialized criteria. All applicants must have a minimum GPA of 2.0.

How to apply

Click on each award below to see whether you are eligible to apply and what documents you need to submit.

Whether you are applying for one or many awards, you need to fill out the following two documents only once:

  1. Student Financial Award Application
  2. Student Financial Award Application Waiver

Each award has additional application requirements and additional documents you need to submit. For instance, some require a Budget Sheet and some require a letter or essay. Please read the information carefully, and if you have any questions feel free to contact the Student Services Centre at 867.668.8720.

Applications can be submitted in person at the Student Services Centre, Ayamdigut Campus or to


Yukon/Stikine Regional Science Fair Scholarship: Tuition waiver for 2 semesters

Yukon College wishes to foster a community of scientists in the North and offers scholarships for grade 7-12 students who have been chosen to represent the Yukon/Stikine Region at the Canada-Wide Science Fair. Three students will be chosen at the Yukon/Stikine Regional Science Fair to be awarded a tuition waiver for two sequential semesters at Yukon College.

Award recipients must:

  • Be accepted into a full-time Yukon College program (minimum of 9 credits) within ten years of high school graduation.