Supply Management Training

staff in warehouse

Today’s global market demands skilled practitioners to support the management of increasingly complex supply chains.

Prepare yourself for a career in this rapidly expanding field with the Supply Management Training (SMT) diploma.

Program Description

The Supply Management Training (SMT) program is intended for entry level and intermediate-level practitioners, and others, who require a technical competence in supply management. You will learn how the different parts of the supply chain fit together and the role they play within an organization.

Courses can be taken individually, at your own pace, 
or you can take all ten over two years to complete the diploma
. Courses are available in instructor-led format, and take place during the evenings, weekdays and weekends to allow you to maintain your job while learning the skills to succeed in this new area.

General Outcomes

Upon successful completion of the program, students will be able to:

  • prepare competitive bids
  • be familiar with contract administration/management
  • perform cost and value analyses
  • perform strategic supply chain planning
  • negotiate complex contracts
  • redesign, improve, innovate supply chain mapping
  • manage projects and risk
  • coordinate and motivate cross-functional teams
Admission Requirements
  • no prerequisites
  • open to everyone
Career Opportunities

Potential employment opportunities include:

  • procurement specialist
  • purchaser
  • logistics analyst
  • warehouse manager
  • material handler/management
  • global sourcing analyst
  • inventory coordinators
Money Matters


Standard Yukon College tuition fees do not apply to Continuing Education courses. Please see course fees below.

2016 Course Fees:

Technical Courses: $995 + GST
Two-day Seminars and Workshops: $600 + GST
Three-day Seminars and Workshops: $775 + GST
Four-day Seminars and Workshops: $945 + GST


Technical Courses:

• Transportation (39 hours)
• Logistics (39 hours)
• Procurement (39 hours)
• Operations (39 hours)

Management Soft Skill Seminars:

• Communication and Relational Skills (3 days)
• Negotiation Skills (4 days)
• Competitive Bidding, Contract Preparation and Contract Management (2 days)

Business Management Seminars:

• Business Planning (2 days)
• Marketing (2 days)
• Accounting and Finance (2 days)