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Courses that meet the YFN Core Compentency

Courses that meet the YFN core competency. By selecting one of these courses as an elective you will meet the competency.

ANTH 140 Introduction to the Fields of Anthropology
ANTH 220 People and Cultures of the Subarctic
CRIM 219 Aboriginal Peoples and Canadian Criminal Justice
ELCC 100 Cultural Competencies in Early Learning and Child Care
FNST 100 Introduction to First Nations Studies
FNST 140 Preservation of Traditional Knowledge
HIST 140/040 History of Yukon First Nations and Self-Government
HIST 220 History of the Canadian North
NOST 202 Social History of the North
NS 200 Science Course that cross references with HIST 140
SOCI 104 Social Problems
WGST 202 Women in Indigenous Societies