CNIM is more than mine training.

Working with the Yukon Research Centre allows CNIM to create a direct link between researchers and industry, facilitating projects and development related to mining. This co-ordinated, holistic approach addresses specific northern challenges and opportunities in the mining industry, making it more sustainable, more environmentally aware, as well as fostering innovation.

CNIM works closely with the Yukon Research Centre (YRC) at Yukon College to address specific northern challenges and opportunities in the mining industry.

YRC‘s research staff create a multi-disciplinary and innovate, co-operative working environment. The Centre engages a wide range of experts in a number of fields of study.

With growing on-the-ground expertise, a cutting-edge laboratory facility in Whitehorse, and close co-operative work with other institutions, the YRC accesses some of the best and brightest minds engaging in applied northern research.

Applied research means working collaboratively with industry, developing local capacity and expertise to support community and economic development, training and education.

The goal is to help develop new and better practices that make mining sustainable, foster innovation and train highly qualified personnel.

The Yukon Research Centre groups its mine-related research under five different programs:

The NSERC Industrial Research Chair for Colleges in Mine Life Cycle- Developing research leadership to address northern-specific challenges and opportunities in mining. Through NSERC Engage, projects are funded to accelerate the pre-competitive development of promising technology and promote its transfer to a new or established Canadian company.

Cold Climate Innovation focuses on the development, commercialization and export of innovative and sustainable cold climate technologies and related solutions for subarctic regions around the world.

Northern Climate ExChange promotes, coordinates and conducts climate change research, while providing mainstreaming and decision-making support, policy alternatives, and climate change education for a range of partners and audiences.

Resources and Sustainable Development in the Arctic is a social sciences network that aims to support and enhance sustainable development of Arctic natural resources in ways that improve the health and well-being of northern communities.

Below are some of the projects currently underway at YRC.

Industrial Environment Restoration and Reclamation

Heavy Metal removal with Bioremediation

Hydrocarbon Bioremediation

Metal uptake in northern constructed wetlands

Reduction of contaminant build-up in recycled process water

Mine Technology, Adaptation and Innovation

Borehole Drill Advancements

Capacitive deionization in mine water recycling

Drilling Hot Water Supply Heater and Pump

Mining and Transportation Sectors Adapting to Climate Change

Recovery of Fine Gold Concentrates

Technology development for limitation of the contaminant build-up in recycled process water