Distance Learning

Distance Learning students

Distance Learning courses are offered by Yukon College in two formats: web-conferencing and online.

Both web-conferencing and online options allow students to take courses from home or other off-campus locations. Students taking a fully online course do not need to attend a class on campus. Students taking a course using web-conferencing can attend the course live at any YC campus, or can attend by distance from home or another off-campus location.


  • Allows students to attend a live class via the internet using web-conferencing technology.
  • Web-conferencing courses have set days and times when students must attend, just as with courses held on campus.
  • In some cases, distance students using web-conferencing will actually be joining on-campus students who are attending live in a classroom.

Online Courses

  • Offered via the internet using a Learning Management System (LMS).
  • Online courses are not held in classrooms and there are no live classes. All course work, and communication with the Instructor and other students, is done entirely online.
  • Online courses require that students have access to a computer and internet. Students attending web-conferencing courses off-campus (from home, for example) will also need a computer and internet access but may need additional equipment (such as a headset and microphone).
Title Delivery
CCPC 500 - Climate Chng & Policy Literacy Scheduled Online
CCPC 501 - Policy Responses & Options Scheduled Online
CCPC 502 - Str Pln-Clim Chg Adpt & Mit Scheduled Online
CCPC 503 - Leading Sustainable Change Scheduled Online
COMM 192 - Business Communications Unscheduled Online
ELCC 100 - Cultural Competency in ELCC Scheduled Online
ELCC 110 - Health, Safety and Nutrition Not Online, Scheduled Online
ELCC 111 - Child Growth & Dev't I Scheduled Online
ELCC 112 - Intro to Early Learn & Ch Care Scheduled Online
ELCC 114 - Integration Seminar I Scheduled Online
ELCC 121 - Child Growth & Dev II Not Online
ELCC 122 - Prog Plan-Learn Through Play Not Online
ELCC 124 - Integration Seminar II Not Online
ELCC 125 - Interpersonal Relationships Not Online
ELCC 130 - Guiding Young Children Not Online
ELCC 200 - Program Planning-Science Not Online
ELCC 211 - Family Program Community Not Online
ELCC 214 - Integration Seminar III Unscheduled Online
ELCC 220 - Philosophy of ELCC Scheduled Online
ELCC 221 - Ecology of the Family Scheduled Online
ELCC 224 - Integration Seminar IV Not Online
ELCC 225 - Lead, Team & Admin in ELCC Scheduled Online
ENGL 100 - Academic Writing/Crit Thinking Unscheduled Online, Scheduled Online
ENVS 226 - Envnmtl Change & Com Health Scheduled Online
FNGA 100 - FN Governance & Public Adm Scheduled Online
FNGA 107 - Public Policy Scheduled Online
HIST 140 - History of Yukon First Nations Unscheduled Online, Online
LANG 140 - Language & Culture Preserv Unscheduled Online
NOST 101 - The Circumpolar World Scheduled Online, Unscheduled Online
NOST 324 - Contemp Circumpolar Issues I Unscheduled Online
POLI 201 - Intro to Political Thought Online
PSYC 100 - Intro to Psychology I Scheduled Online
PSYC 101 - Intro to Psychology II Scheduled Online
RENR 401 - Special Topics in Renw Resour Unscheduled Online
WGST 100 - Intro to Women's Studies Unscheduled Online
WGST 101 - Intro to Women's Studies II Unscheduled Online