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Logo Standards

Our Logo

Yukon College’s logo is a significant aspect of our brand identity. It serves to allow us to be recognized and it carries the weight of our reputation. Our brand identity is maintained through the consistent application of the following standards.

Logo Elements

The Yukon College logo is a combination of the crest art and the logo type. The precise and unchanging visual relationship between the symbol and the logotype forms the basis of the Yukon College brand. It cannot be altered in any way.


Colours of the Yukon College logo are black, white or a dark blue - Pantone 7463. The logo may not be used in any other colour combinations. It may not be cropped, abbreviated or modified in any way.


In order for our logo to be easily recognized, the following design guidelines apply:

  • The college’s logo consists of two elements: the loon and the wordmark. Both elements of the logo must always appear intact, maintaining proportionality.

  • Under optimum print conditions, the logo should not be reproduced smaller than 1 inch wide.

  • Never put the logo in a frame or a box.

  • Never tilt or rotate the logo unless all elements on the page are rotated to the vertical.

  • Always maintain a clear space around the logo. This clear space should be, at minimum, the same size as the height of the capital letters in the logotype. Words and paragraphs should never be located within this clear space, or the logo will be compromised and appear unprofessional.


Yukon College logo - blue (Pantone 7463) jpg


For additional logos in EPS or TIFF, in black, white or blue, contact College Relations at collegeandexternalrelations@yukoncollege.yk.ca


Appropriate use of the Yukon College logo is granted to partner organizations and institutions, or with individual permission through written permission from a dean, director, vice-president or the president. For use inquiries, please contact:

Jacqueline Bedard

Executive Director, External and Government Relations

t: 867 456-8619